The Balance of Work and Life

Work life balance as creating supportive, healthy work environments for employees who are striving to better integrate their work and personal responsibilities. Professionals experiencing time stress or psychological stress because of their high workload and maybe because of the demands of private life that they cannot fulfill satisfactorily, will be likely to suffer from low concentration and in the end lower productivity.

Away from Pressures

Employees also benefit from work-life balance outcomes where workers experience lower level of stress, reduce work and non-work conflicts and constrain and have greater autonomy and flexibility in achieving work-life balance. Individuals’ success in managing the work-family interface is influenced by the environments that their employers provide and the strategies they adopt. People just need to learn how to manage their time in order to have a meaningful and healthy life that is away from pressures and stress.


Gardening is a dirty work. You will dig the earth, you pull out weeds and you will be out in the sun. But don’t you wanna see the beauty of flowers in your backyard. You can touch them, smell them and tend them.

How refreshing would that be? It is the very best of medicines. Taking care of plants would make you feel like a nurse. Nurturing them, feeding them and ensuring they get the best care for them to grow healthy.

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